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Nervous Patients

Holding Hands

Dentistry has evolved and your desire to have lovely and healthy teeth delivered in a modern, pain-free and relaxing manner is a realistic expectation. At Paragondental, systems have been implemented to ensure you receive the most comfortable treatment; from pain-free injections to no more impressions and total relaxation with sedation, we strive to make your visits the best you have ever had.


Is your dental anxiety preventing you from having your dental treatment? If so, sedation is the perfect answer for you. With intravenous sedation, you will become drowsy and unaware of the treatment, but you will still be able to co-operate with the dentist.

Most dental anxieties are overcome with our caring and relaxing approach to your dental care; however, sedation is useful when treatment is urgent, complex or anxieties are very high. Our long-term goal is to build your confidence and preventative regime so treatments are simple and your trust and you no longer require sedation.

We believe in getting to know our patients and allocate long appointment times. We want to ensure you are receiving the highest quality of care as we want the time you spend at the practice to be as comfortable as possible.

We also offer oral premedication to help patients with a restful night’s sleep before the appointment or to aid the patient’s journey to the surgery.

If you are nervous about visiting the dentist or having injections, talk to our team today.

Our tips for nervous patients;

  • Communicate openly with your dentist – it’s important for your dentist to know exactly how you are feeling.

  • Schedule a consultation in advance – We offer FREE initial consultations so we are able to answer any of your queries or concerns

  • Book your appointment in the early morning – This will save you from stressing about your appointment all day

  • Bring a friend or family member with you – Taking someone along that you’re comfortable with can help to make you feel more at ease while visiting the dentist

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