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General Dentistry

Parents and Daughter

Our highly qualified and experienced team deliver modern dentistry in a welcoming and relaxed setting. We take a preventive approach to your care and want to see you regularly so any tooth and gum problems can be spotted early. This helps maintain your oral health and avoids the need for more involved and costly treatment.

During a routine check-up, as well as looking at your teeth for signs of decay, we will also assess other aspects of your oral health including:

  • Your jaw joints

  • How your teeth bite together

  • Signs of infection in any part of the mouth

  • Signs of oral cancer

  • Signs of gum disease


We also offer personalised oral health advice to help you take care of your teeth at home, including how to use dental tools, such as floss and interdental brushes.

Regular check-ups are important as they allow us to keep your oral health in optimum condition. If we do discover any problems, we can offer a whole range of dental treatments including:

Fillings – we can repair a damaged or decayed tooth with amalgam fillings or composite fillings for a more natural looking result.

Root Canal Therapy – this involves the removal of infected pulp to save a tooth that may otherwise have to be extracted.

Crowns – we can restore the strength, shape and look of an unsightly tooth with these permanent cover ups.

Bridges – these can fill the gaps left by missing teeth, consisting of a false tooth positioned between two crowns that slot over the teeth either side of a gap.


Dentures – our modern dentures are an affordable way to restore your smile and improve the functionality of your mouth.

We invest in training, equipment and technology so you can benefit from the most advanced treatment techniques. At the same time, we want even the most anxious patients to feel comfortable when they attend appointments, so we will always treat you with considerable care and understanding.

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